momloveucomphoto-joycomdesigned:  fatacy@gmail.comsince  201311th Dimension Superstring theory 超弦理論の11次元  Tuned  for  iPhone511th Dimension Superstring theory 超弦理論の11次元  Tuned  for  iPhone5暗黒物質と私たちの世界の物質の顕著な違いが、前頁の鏡面対称の違いとすると、
11th Dimension Superstring theory超弦理論の11次元@ABCDEFGHIJさらに、私たちの銀河や宇宙は、例えると、Cのエネルギー噴出口、これは時間も担当している、
しれない。まさに、Cがビッグバンモデルのホワイトホールによく似ていますね。A remarkable difference in the substance of our world and dark matter, 
and the difference of mirror symmetry on the previous page,In addition, if you compare, energy vents C, the universe 
and our galaxy is also responsible for this time.
I considered crest of three of F I J and XYZ axis of the is considered a helium nucleus and later in general, hydrogen, 
lithium and substance in common with the dark world.We believe nature electrical, magnetic looks like 
something different, but it is quite similar, and there is 
only a slight difference of the conduction of space to the essence.Ridges on the sides and the rest is 
a world of dark matter,parallel world 
of the other three may be present.Exactly, C is it very similar to 
the Whitehole of the Big Bang model.