momloveucomphoto-joycomdesigned:  fatacy@gmail.comsince  201311th Dimension Superstring theory 超弦理論の11次元  Tuned  for  iPhone511th Dimension Superstring theory 超弦理論の11次元  Tuned  for  iPhone5Decomposition of the 11-dimensional:11次元の分解:
@ 正4面体の中心、エネルギー
ABCD  内包する正4面体の
電子の構造に関係している11th Dimension Superstring theory超弦理論の11次元Tuned  for  iPhone  5@ABCDEFGHIJEFGHIJ 正4面体の稜の部分で、E-J、F-H、G-Iが次元のペアを構成し、
同時に原子核内部のクォークの色力学に関連している、ヒッグス場にも関係しているPart of the crest of E F G H I J regular tetrahedron, 
E - J, F - H, G - I constitute a pair of dimensions,
basis of angular momentum.It is related to the color dynamics of It is the center of the vertices and faces,
in the membrane Nucleus of external.
It is related to the structure of an electronic orbits.quark nuclei within the same time, it is also related to the Higgs field.Center of @ regular tetrahedron,the starting point of  
the energy route,as time dimension.Center of the vertices 
and faces of the regular tetrahedron to A B C D 
comprehension, is a film-like.