designed:  page 2  iPad  iPhone  Auto Tuned for Win8 Tuned for Win8 Higgs Mechanism and Fatacy's Dual Torus デュアル・トーラス MUSE版 Dual Torus ⇔ Tetrahedoron デュアル・トーラス⇔正4面体構造 Superfluidity rotating Tetrahedron
supported by Quantum revolution 超流動状態(次元)で量子回転をしている正4面体 When the rotation axis passes through the middle of the tetrahedron crest, It form the Dual rings called Abacus Ring. This model is Helium nucleus.
In the virtual Beryllium modelshown as Abacus Ring becomes Dual Torus, and then relate to Higgs mechanism. → Abacus Ring page