photo-joycom2pageNozomi Asou-album-3-page-00001.jpg (800×1145)designed:  fatacy@gmail.comsince  2013Nozomi  Asou  JealousyNozomi Asou   "Jealousy Vision" JAV  (麻生希) Nozomi Asou   "Jealousy Vision" JAV  (麻生希) momloveucomSupercell and Tornado disaster 竜巻・ス−パ−セル  Tuned  for  iPhone5Gluon Network & Quantum teleportation グル―オンネットワークと量子テレポーテーション  Tuned  for  iPhone5TOKYO SKYTREE	is expected to soar 2003 feet (610 meters) into the sky over Japan's capitol city by late 2011, making it the nation's tallest man-made structure and, at least for a time, the world's.	  (東京スカイツリー)