photo-joycomGluon network: Green dot line connects each Vertex of the tetrahedron. It is assumed that the gluon network of macro in the Titom theory. グル―オンネットワークFatacy's 45 years hesitation: Material = Energy = Time common phenomea is angular momentum
In another words 
Gluon supports Dirac sea 
in quantum mechanism.Our world is floating on
Gluon quantum sea
by Time and Gravity 
frame ship to and fro.@ is as in my imagination
almost same as Point G,
but ambiguous unknown area.
Someday I hope both area might 
be synthesize topological unity.
Parallel Tetra Membrane green with Dark side World Chart Tabloid sideHubble shuttle space eye woke dramatic space odyssey残念ながら、
楽しみにしていますSeminar  Title :
ガンマ線で組み立てる宇宙 -fatacy luck
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