photo-joycomPolyakov Loop plotted Z3 symmetryZooming in on 
the Herbig-Haro 
object HH 46/47

→ Youtube videoThe center of HH object
Dual Torus is shaped
and derived from galaxy
gravity frame structure.Black holeAstronomers Discover 
Contents of  Mystery 
Black Hole Jets
"Until now it wasn't clear whether the positive charge came from positrons, 
the antimatter 'opposite' of electrons, or positively charged atoms,"  Miller Jones said "Since our results found nickel and iron in these jets, we now know 
ordinary matter must be providing the positive charge."Aurora and Sprite lightning  - fatacy  Feb, 2015 
300,000Km/s = The Limit speed of DNA synchronized  protein残念ながら、
リアルタッチで開講しますSeminar  Title :
ガンマ線で組み立てる宇宙 -fatacy luck
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