photo-joycomEFGHIJ 正4面体の稜の部分で、E-J、F-H、G-Iが次元のペアを構成し、
同時に原子核内部のクォークの色力学に関連している、ヒッグス場にも関係しているPart of the crest of E F G H I J 
regular tetrahedron, 
E - J, F - H, G - I 
constitute a pair of dimensions,
basis of angular momentum.
It is related to the color dynamics of Center of @ regular tetrahedron,the starting point of the energy route,as time dimension.Center of the vertices and faces of the regular tetrahedron to A B C D comprehension, is a Membrane-likequark nuclei within 
the same time, 
it is also related to 
the Higgs field.A pair of Dual Torus 
shaping angular momentum 
naturally.Angular Momentum Teleportation Model Dual Torus残念ながら、
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