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Proton 17 Neutron 18 Diff 1 Neutron
The element is a yellow-green gas under standard conditions, where it forms diatomic molecules.The structure of 208Pb Lead inside Fermi Surface
Proton 82 Neutron 126 Diff 44 Neutron
Its four stable isotopes have 82 protons , a magic number in the nuclear shell model of atomic nuclei. - WikipediaF-22  fighter  Sonic Boom○ 14:00Ref.  Seminar Time Chart :残念ながら、
楽しみにしています○ 14:10○ 14:20○ 14:30○ 14:40○ 14:50○ 15:00挨拶 自己紹介 たまに、ふと関西弁ご容赦を4次元の図の説明・降着円盤と電磁不分離の原則ガンマ線について、原子核内グル―オンとの関係Titom・アトムチャートについて、セシウムは描いていません3つのタイプの時間について、「ノアの方舟」型同期時間次元の包含関係・階層型空間の原理、選択と集中を限界まで10分 休憩○ 15:10○ 15:20○ 15:30○ 15:40○ 15:50○ 16:00ラニアケアとモザイク宇宙、そして空間の因果律について空間は支えられ存在する、直線的な磁束を1次元、面状の電荷を2次元、3次元はガンマ線ガンマ線空間での対生成・対消滅についてダークマターとダークエナジーは全く別物不確定性原理とアミノ酸型人類の空間認識方法について窒素・酸素・二酸化炭素・水蒸気、ヒドロニウムイオンの役割質疑応答用のメモを届けてください、読みやすく願います○ 16:10○ 16:20○ 16:3010分 休憩 Titomセミナーの今後についてご紹介質疑応答 質問を壇上でお願いできると助かりますTitom・ミニセミナー終了なぜタキオンかは今後に後回しです、

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Doc color 広い世界の説明なので、用語があっちこっち飛びます、少し耐えて頂いて慣れるようお願いします4-dimensional figure description, accretion disk and electromagnetic non-separation principleFor gamma rays, and the relationship between the atomic nuclei inside the gluonAbout Titom · Atom Chart, Cesium does not draw yet.The dimension of the inclusion relation, the principles of hierarchical space, the selection and concentration until the limitDark Matter and Dark Energy completely different thingFor the three types of time, and "Noah's Ark" Synchronized TimeLaniakea, mosaic universe and about the causality of spaceSpace is present, supported, first dimensional linear magnetic flux, the surface of the charge second dimensional, gamma rays as a third dimensionalFor a pair generation and annihilation of a gamma-ray spaceFor space recognition method of the uncertainty principle and the amino acid type humanityThe role of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, hydronium ionSeminar agenda :   The explanation of TCHYON is not included, for the next opportunity.Because it is wide of the world description, the term is over there we'll take you here, 
thank you that you get used to and endured a little, please.Seminar  Title :
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