photo-joycomHonda Jet  Blue  Flame  ホンダジェット 受注残250機MRJ  Prototype  will  soon  Tuned  for  iPhone5As an event has occurred in 1.37 billion light-years, 
receive the Hubble telescope is the result of observation 
so as not to disturb the causality.It becomes bold reasoning, 
but intermediate route has been omitted, and not exist.Information that seems to have through faster 
than the speed of light from the light TACHYON side 
and has maintained the integrity of causality is 
transmitted to the source of the event.It will change significantly the nature of 
3.5-dimensional and 4-dimensional by 
recognition method of intermediate route.4-dimensional recognition method needs helps of TACHYON, 
which might be neutrino role, sorry, I am not sure yet. -Mar 24, 2015Parallel Tetra MembraneM-理論と
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